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Risk and Return.

A stock with a 12% return and a 15% return volatility is seen as two times riskier than a stock with a 12% return and a 7.5% return volatility. Therefore it is important to pick only the stocks on the efficient frontier ik order to avoid this unnessary risk.

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History of
Stock Market Returns

There has been many depressions over years, but over 80+ years the US market (S&P500) has recovered from every depression, and has on average a annual return of approximately 9%. Our recommended portfolio's can also suffer down periods but we expect they will also recover, just like the overal market.

Table of returns


Haven’t you ever heard of the term “Never put all your eggs in one basket”. The reason behind it is that if you let the basket fall all your eggs may break. But if you put your eggs in different baskets, you are less likely to mistakenly drop all the baskets and break all the eggs. The same theory applies to stock investments.

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Online Brokers

Finding a broker can be a difficult job sometimes. There are so many brokers to choose from, you just need to narrow it down a little bit and pick one that suits you. We dont do any broker recommendations, but we always refer to the NASDAQ broker partners.

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How do Billionaires Invest?.

Corporate companies that invest billions of dollars use a long-term investment strategy as the backbone to their investments. This has worked out for many companies. Why should you diverge to a winning strategy like they use?

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The Behavior of Stock Market Prices.

Financial market and game theory have always been linked. People like to find the edge in the market. We dont say it is impossible but it is an exausting path that can waste the investor a lot of time searching for this alpha. The market is not like quantum physics, therefore we recommend investing in a long term diversified portfolio that is created by us.

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