Deep Alpha Technologies

Super Computers, Diversification & Statistical Simulations

calculations per second

The only way we can find the best portfolio for you, is to do many calculations.

petabytes of data

To test and develop investment portfolio’s we need a lot of data. We have a lot of data.

central processors

This is how a state-of-the-art financial technology company looks like. The force is with us. Always.

The core
of our

Super Computer Power

Finding the best portfolio combination for you takes a lot of computing power. Therefore we run approximately one billion smart calculations to find the best investment portfolio out of many billions of possible combinations.

Portfolio Selection

We are a strong believer in the power of diversification. The theory behind diversification given by the Nobel laureate H. Markowitz forms a strong part of our foundation for developing the portfolio's that we recommend.

Statistical Simulations

Predicting the exact future value of your investment is a difficult task. That is why we run 100 scenario analyses in order for you to get a better indication of what the future value of your investment will be in 5, 10 or 20 years.